What are the advantages of having my website built in HubSpot CMS?

A fully integrated CMS that goes far beyond pure content management

Everything in one place

Host your content using one integrated, overarching tool. You'll never have to rely on isolated content tools again.
Easily create and edit blog posts, landing pages, websites and emails. You can choose one of the pre-built templates or start from scratch. You're supported by the Akamai Content Delivery Network, which delivers your content worldwide at record speed.
Manage, optimise and track the performance of your content with the same tool you used to create it.

Optimised for search engines, mobile devices and conversions

Optimise your content to achieve the best possible performance. Leave the technical aspects to HubSpot. Responsive design means your content is automatically optimised for any device, whether desktop or mobile. Thanks to the integrated SSL protocol, you protect your website and guarantee a secure browsing experience for your visitors. At the same time, you benefit from better search engine rankings.
And because your content tools are part of HubSpot's all-in-one marketing software, you can easily add calls-to-action and forms to convert site visitors into qualified leads.

Personalised content for visitors

Personalised content means a better user experience and a more powerful website.
Customise your content based on location, source, device, language, device or other information stored in your contact database, such as demographics or how contacts interact with your brand.
With HubSpot's Smart Content Insights, you get information about who's visiting your site while you're editing, so you can personalise your website even more easily and effectively.

You can read more about CMS in our Content Management System Guide.