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What is a Buyer Persona?

We explain what a buyer persona is and what you need it for

Unlike a target group, a buyer persona has a concrete face. It is a fictional person who represents your typical customer. This concept makes it easier for you to understand the needs, challenges and actions of your ideal customers.

Beispiel Persona HubSpot

Whether you want to run email campaigns, create a new website or design and implement a holistic inbound marketing strategy - you need to know your buyer personas. Because your goals will essentially be:

  • Achieve more website traffic
  • Generate leads from your website traffic
  • Developing leads into buying customers
  • Delighting and retaining customers

To achieve these goals, you need to produce relevant content that your buyer persona will find useful and read regularly. Because then the target person will also buy your products and services if necessary. This can only be achieved if you have a crystal clear picture of your buyer persona, because then you know who you want to reach with your communication. And the more you focus your communication and your content on this target person, the more effective and targeted it will be.

You can find more information on buyer personas and how to create them in our inbound marketing guide.