What is Lead Nurturing?

We explain what lead nurturing is and how you can use it.

Lead nurturing encompasses all lead management activities that a company undertakes in order to address interested parties with relevant information at the right time, in line with the respective phase of the purchase decision in which the interested party is currently located. (Source: Online Marketing Praxis)


Leads are divided into different phases of the marketing and sales funnel (see figure). The goal is to turn a visitor into a customer. Various types of marketing automation are available for this purpose. Depending on the phase of the customer journey, the contacts are offered different relevant content, for example via email. If the content is consumed by the contact, he moves one step further in the funnel.

Did you know?

Companies that use Lead Nurturing generate 50% more Sales Ready Leads (SQL) at 33% lower costs. (Source: Forrester Research)